I asked myself…

what is it that I am trying to say in my writing? what is my message? does it help? 

how do I show who I am? 

is there something that I want my readers to feel? 

how will i fall in love with poetry again? have I evolved from where I have been? where am I trying to go? 

is this where & how readers will be able to experience my growth? 


it’s sinful really. the way i choose love and make it look effortless. – a series


remember love is a choice.
remember letting go is a choice.
remember healing isn’t easy; nor pretty.
remember what works for one may not work for another.
remember to keep trying; especially when you’re feeling your lowest.
remember that authentic reflection is a choice.
remember that the system only has so much power over your mental. take back control.
remember decolonizing your enslaved mind is a life long process.
remember organizing isn’t a job. We must find balance in our lived reality and what we wish to shift.
remember change starts with you. your home. and community.
remember your community is not just the one outside your front door.

maybe its just me,

but sometimes it feels like we are miles apart

sitting right next to one another.

but its like i said.

it could just be me.