1. It allows me to have a clearer mind.
  2. It allows me to slow down.
  3. I physically feel lighter.
  4. I’ve become more aware of my interactions with people.

hear no, speak no, see no

I woke up deaf to the world.

Mouths continue to move

But I can’t find anything worth listening to.

It wasn’t until I watched

Two lovers

Dance across the skies

Without ever having to speak

That it hit me.

I had fallen apart.

I walked closer to the edge

Hoping that if I could get high enough,

If I could get close enough,

If I could trust enough,

That mother would reach back

Granting me wings to fly.

Granting me new life.

I woke up mute to the world.

So many thoughts but everyone’s

Closed off their mind,

Too afraid of truth

So they look to appease,

Stitching the road to my heart shut

I have plenty to say,

But not at the cost of myself.

I listened to love beat out for father

Hoping that if I told him every hic up,

If I shared every tear drop,

If I held the misguided parts of myself

Just as close as the awakening,

That father would fortify my tongue,

With the strength to slice through

The lies that live inside them,

Giving me the strength to read with love

Instead of spite.

I woke up blind to the world.

Couldn’t stop the forcing of bodies,

Couldn’t see past the pretense of smiles,

Or empty promises of safety.

Here we are again.

Foolishly bleeding out,

Unapologetically willing to hope

At the cost of everything,

Because you promised to sustain me.

So I reach with out dislocated limbs,

As my existence cracks under the pressure,

For mother to wrap her roots around me,

Ingrain themselves in my veins

As fathers waters work to cleanse me

From the choices threatening

To take me from greatness.

Like a lamb that accepts its fate faithfully,

I’m not afraid of the pain I feel.

Like the lion whose presence

Roars just as powerfully as it’s warning,

I will get up and die a thousand times more

If it means to hear without judgement.

I will get up and die a thousand times more

If it means to speak with out being jaded.

I will get up to die a thousand times more

If it means to see without having to cover up the reality in which we are living.

In which we’ve been living.

Day 15: For Them.

I am Grateful to the friends who don’t take offense, because we can call each other out with love and compassion when we aren’t feeling our best and show up in those ways.

I’m grateful to the ease in which we can say no, because we appreciate the love and kindness that rests in being able to say it.

I’m grateful for being able to reset when I need to, because this is a lifelong commitment to practice the values I wish to Embody most.

I’m grateful for the encouraged individuality, sharing of similarities, and creative innovation + bravery to transform into the people whom we want to be.

I’m grateful for the all the work already in process. We are in it. In this moment, I am greater than who I was and with every layer of me that comes undone letting go of the tension that lives in my bones; I’m able to move with the grace like the water that makes up my composition.

I am my own tempest, and it’s scary sometimes, but courage is my friend and faith is what brought me to fruition.