End Quote.

Silence was the past time

Until her hips sung across

Wooden floorboards;

She’s got me spinning in circles.

I yearned for night

And she brought with her the day;

Fire, unflinching,

Even as my waves

Touch the tips of her flame.

  • End Quote

Sip On It.

Hungry for it?

Come sip from this fountain.

I said sip, not guzzle.

Darling, are you trying to choke?

Let’s not behave desperately.

I wanna feel every minute of work you put in.

Thirsty for it.

Come eat all this divinity

Until I say stop of course.


I’m wild with it,

Tried to compartmentalize

The way my lips curve

When you catch me gazin.

Hella wicked the way

I tried to compartmentalize,

The way your natural perfume

causes everything else to cease from existence.

Tried to act like it don’t matter.

That I could survive

The pain beginning to erupt

From denying the heart what it wants.

Fuck that imma get what I want,

I’m tired of being hungry,

This mouth bout to stay wide open,

I plan on being fed.

This will be endless. Make no mistake.

My word is law.

Ain’t no love you’ll find as virtuous

Than this,

I want everyone to know.

Let’em see,

Make’em drool in their envy,

I want them to see how a jewel shines.

Dipped in all sorts of gold,

Devour me only to take me with you;

I am a part of what sustains you.

Sage | Her

Needed Me.

sittin cool by the fire,
didn’t think you’d have the guts to knock on closed doors,
ain’t the grass greener on the other side?
tell me, have you come to confess?
confess all ya inner inhibitions
that you claim you don’t have,
that you stunt on,
that lead you here to come try and fix it with me.
tell me, have you come to confess?
rest your sins upon my breasts,
feasting on unspoiled supper,
dancing across the bones of broken,
tell me, have you come to confess,
to let go, to absolve yourself of demons,
thrown on others when it suits you.
tell me, do you want to be forgiven?
do you even know what the word means?
how it bleeds freedom
if you only asked for it?
tell me, when you look in the mirror
can you see past misdeeds unatoned for,
tell me, are you ready to confess your way to freedom?
to let them bare witness to who you really are?
tell me, are you ready to confess your way to freedom?
does the truth pulse savagely against your rib-cage,
dying to get out?
tell me beloved, are you ready to confess

[ Music Inspired: Needed Me | Rihanna ]