3 Ways Breathing Helps Me

When I find myself beginning to struggle through a triggering moment, I will consciously stop what I am doing and take my first deep breath.

1) the first breath always helps to calm the anxiety/excitement that I am feeling. #breathe #repeat

2) my second breath helps to slow down any racing thoughts. #breathe #repeat

3) my last breath makes it easier for me to listen & remain present. #breathe #repeat


Here. Ravished, Devoured after our love making. Here, Where limbs seek one another. Where everyday is joy. Is where I wanted to stay with you. [where’d you go]


you should let me go off.
let me run shit for a while,
let me show’em what they
think they know looks like.
i promise not to be gentle.
i promise not to be kind.
i promise to enjoy every minute of it
so come on, let me play,
just let me go off.
one side of me | diez