Here. Ravished, Devoured after our love making. Here, Where limbs seek one another. Where everyday is joy. Is where I wanted to stay with you. [where’d you go]

don’t let me.

Don’t let me show ugliness

I’m not broken.

I’ve fertilized the soil

For my soul

I’m not trying to go back,

Don’t let me show ugliness.

They said it’s time

To grow up,

That cruelty has no place

Where love chooses to exist.

I wanna see them like you see me

But unblind to the reality of the life we’re living.

I can’t front to be

That naive girl

Back in ‘03

New me just wont stand for it.

This is what knowledge does,

Lift the veil,

Bringing sight to the blind,

Can’t keep moving the same way

I’m used to

less I wanna relapse

Like a a bad habit.

I used to want to erase memories

I thought were killing me

But I’ve learned how to smile through the pain.

I learned how to remember for strength,

Cuz sometimes we need a reminder of how far we’ve come.

To remember

How so unlike ourselves we’ve become.


Don’t let me show ugliness.


You had nirvana.

Traded down for those

Everyday rentals,

everybody been in and out of there.

Ain’t you get the memo?

New girl is old girl

Boo don’t be mad. Nah.

Hold on to them receipts,

Box it up real pretty,

Hit’em come first of the month,

Repetitions will have a nigga flat broke

But fuck it.

Let’em learn; think twice

Before he start trippin

Fuckin up this fluid two step

Ya got goin on.

End Quote.

Silence was the past time

Until her hips sung across

Wooden floorboards;

She’s got me spinning in circles.

I yearned for night

And she brought with her the day;

Fire, unflinching,

Even as my waves

Touch the tips of her flame.

  • End Quote