Try Harder.

I woke up and realized,

that I was more in love with falling in love,

than I was with being in love.

Addicted to the intensity of its warmth,

you know, that feeling that sets every fiber of your being on fire,

from heavy lips right before you kiss.

you know, that feeling that causes hairs to stand on end,

to feel living cells vibrate with anticipation,

with just one look.

I woke up and realized that I was more in love

with falling, than I was with being.

To me being in love meant that you

needed to give me reasons to keep falling, 

so when love became routine, for lack of trying,

and when the well ran dry;

so did my love for everything that would have been.

  • Try Harder | Withdrawal

Day 14: Let It Die.

I had to do it.

I had to let you die

So I could keep living.

I had to let you die,

Had to let you go without holding back.

Kinda like how you didn’t hold back

And killed everything we were,

Everything that could’ve been

When you came inside her.

– cheers to the dying | withdrawal

Issa Dub.

When you want to share what you’ve learned so far,

But the truth is,

you can’t want it more than they do.

So pause. breathe.

Re-up on that self care.

I Respect It. Cuz It’s You. • Withdrawal


Wish I understood 

Why actin salty

Felt so good.

Came so naturally. 

Expressed vividly. 

Wish I understood

Why it’s easier to be petty 

Than to choose ourselves and heal. 


Mind Yours • Going through Withdrawals 

To Overcome 

I can laugh in the light of your joy.

I can breathe when fingers entwine 

And electrifying energy; unspoken 

Fuels the want to meld our universes 


So it wounds me,

when your humanity takes a back seat

And all I’m left with 

is the bitter taste of your 

Wounds in my mouth;

Threatening to pull you away. 

I hope in your ability to know 

I see them,

Trusting in you to brave. 

– to overcome | withdrawal