Full Circle

Mourning over you?

Nigga please,

I prayed for your peace!

I lifted my head to the sky

And said take it

Take it all

I don’t need it,

I don’t want it.

Laughed so hard I cried!

Cuz I felt nothing.


Because that was exactly

What I asked for

To feel nothing

If my eyes came across your face.

Had to mark down this moment

And simply told the most high

Look after unborn sons

And daughters who’ll need you

If it ever gets rough

Cuz I’ve lived through tough

Felt it around my neck

Saw it marked on my face

And easily dealt it when I had enough

Thank you thank you thank you

For allowing me to see

That I had already been free

The moment I chose me

To those who say sanity is overrated

Go get some


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